Coming Soon

I have many books in the works at this time.  Here's just a sample of some of the things I'm working on...

~ An edge-of-your-seat new series. ~
Sometimes the villain isn't who you expected it to be.

~ A return to the Promise Me world with Keely and Gavin's story. ~
She lost the ability to speak due to an unspeakable act but then she was stranded with an aggravating man who made her want to scream.

~ A standalone novel. ~
Her best friend had always been there, saving the day, but will he be able to do it this time?

~ And introducing my first Wattpad book! ~
My Dirty Little Secret
Nineteen-year-old Willow has her life planned out. Go to college. Get a good job. Take care of her mother. Her plans were simple. Nothing would cause her to deviate from them. But then she met Grady Hunt. He was arrogant. Spoiled. Rude. Privileged.
And hot.
When she is reluctantly thrust into his world of money, conceited frat brothers, and power, will she survive and resist him or will he be her dirty little secret?
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