Coming Soon

I have many books in the works at this time.  Here's just a sample of some of the things I'm working on...

~ An edge-of-your-seat new series. ~
Sometimes the villain isn't who you expected it to be.

~ A return to the Promise Me world with Keely and Gavin's story. ~
She lost the ability to speak due to an unspeakable act but then she was stranded with an aggravating man who made her want to scream.

~ A standalone novel. ~
Her best friend had always been there, saving the day, but will he be able to do it this time?

~ Title to be determined ~
A dark romance unlike any I've ever wrote and you, my reader, have experienced from me. This one will span multiple books (I'm sitting at 4 and counting). It will take a lot of trigger warnings to cover this book but I'm having the best time writing it! Can't wait to share.

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