Saturday, April 18, 2015

Promise Me Once Release!

On April 19th, Cash's book, Promise Me Once, will be released. Are you ready for him? I can't wait to share his story. It was fun to write and dive back into the Promise Me world.

Below are the links to order Promise Me Once. Thank you in advance for purchasing Cash's book. And remember to leave a review once you are finished! Thank you!



Barnes and Noble will release on April 19th. Check back for that link.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

5 advanced copies of Promise Me Once! Who wants one?

Enter to win and read Cash's story before anyone else! I'm giving away five copies! Be one of the first to cuddle up with Cash. :D

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Promise Me Once cover and synopsis is here!

Once with him was never enough.

I am the girl you dislike. The girl you snub at parties. I am the one who flirts with men and knows no boundaries. I am the one you whisper about. The one who has no rules. I am the one who takes and uses without any regret or excuses.

On the outside I am perfect. I have money, looks, and a personality that makes people stand up and take notice, but on the inside I am broken and hurting.

Then I met Cash Marshall.

He wasn’t what I needed, but I wanted him anyway. It was Cash’s carved, muscular body I thought about. It was his cool, confident touch I craved. I swore he would only be a one-night stand, another distraction to take away the pain.

But then our world changed.

Our story is not about love. Love is pretty and sweet and full of niceties. Those no longer exist. Our story is about finding each other again in a world gone crazy. It’s about surviving the impossible when war ravaged our land. It’s about saving each other from the darkness and finding out just how strong we could be.

And maybe, just maybe, along the way, we’ll find love…

Once and for all.

Promise Me Once

Release Date - April 19, 2015
(Preorder available soon)