Saturday, April 20, 2013

Don't Torture Yourself

Recently, I have been asked for some self-publishing tips. I'm a newbie at this business so I'm definitely not an expert but I will share what I have and have not done, the mistakes I've made, and what I wished I could have done differently. (Maybe one day I will add a page on my website for self-publishing tips.) In the meantime, I will answer any questions someone might have about self-publishing because I know how hard it is to find that information and I am very thankful for the authors that helped me. I want to return the favor.

One thing I forgot to mention when I have answered the emails about publishing is dealing with your reviews. My policy is DO NOT READ YOUR REVIEWS. Good or bad. I've heard this from other authors so that is my new motto. The first few days after "Promise Me Darkness" was released, I read all the reviews and they were good but I knew that the bad ones were coming. Every book has had bad reviews. It is just human nature. We can't all agree on everything. What one person loves in a book, another hates. There are books that my friends love and I couldn't get through the first three chapters. It's okay. To each their own.

I do not read reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, or anywhere else. I'm too scared. I haven't developed that thick skin so many authors told me I had to have in this business. My hubby and friends tell me what the good reviews say and sometimes they tell me what the bad reviews say if they think it might be helpful for my writing. Knowing there are some bad reviews does hurt, I'll admit, but then I think of that childhood saying - "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."

So remember if you are a writer - DO NOT TORTURE YOURSELF - don't read your reviews!!


  1. I loved your book and cannot wait to read the next one!

  2. I'm Patiently waiting for entwined to you...I feel that Gideon n Eva are more realistic than then the fifty books...I also love how you tell us how you feel bout other books n authors...I too enjoyed walking disaster n a walking disaster...but I'm ready for more Gideon n Eva

  3. Oops lol you don't have crossfire books....but I'm waiting for promise me light

  4. Please publish promise me light as soon as humanly possible. Your writing is so good it is something that I crave, I simply do not know what to do with myself after being devastated by Ryder.

  5. You're right, Paige. No matter how thick-skinned you try to be, bad reviews always hurt. You can't but help take them as personal insults. However, you can learn from them. Whilst there are a lot more purely spiteful and mean reviews than there should be, there are some that provide constructive criticism and a few helpful pointers. But then I suppose they don't really count as bad reviews since they're supportive.
    Bit of a minefield isn't it!

    1. Yes, I totally agree! But I have found, both as a reader and the short amount of time I have been a writer, that many, many of the bad reviews are not constructive. Over the years, I have been SHOCKED at the negative, nasty reviews both on Goodreads and on Amazon for books. I personally don't pay attention to them when I make the decision to buy a book. If I did, my favorite book list would be nonexistent.

  6. Omg I need promise me light! Your words actually stuck enough I dream about it still! You're so amazing!