Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yesterday was an AMAZING day. I received so many emails from around the world that I couldn't keep up with all my replies. My Facebook stayed busy with new 'likes' and I received numerous phone calls from friends and family. I never expected my book to do so well the first day. I came very close to bypassing the 1,000 rank paid on Amazon and I sold more books in less than 24 hours than some major authors (who are now New York Times Best Sellers) sold the first month of self-publishing their first book. (I could only wish to be in that group!!) I'm not sure if it was a fluke or a one-day only thing but it was a good feeling.

I am so thankful for everyone who bought it and the wonderful, wonderful comments from people that read it in a day. Ryder and Maddie are very happy that people love their story. ;)


  1. Loved Promise Me Darkness I'm waiting for the next one. I'm on pins and needles...great job

  2. I've just finished your book and absolutely loved it... can't wait until Promise me Light is released and I've got to say for your first book...WOW xx

  3. I finished Promose Me Darkness and I am extremely sad to find out it was just released...meaning the wait for the sequal is ways away...hopefully not to far... I know you are human and have a life outside of my reading desires but keep them coming we are getting antsy ;-) THANKS FOR THE GREAT READ!