Tuesday, September 10, 2013

~~PROMISE ME LIGHT Teaser and Song From Playlist~~

The playlist for Promise Me Light is amazing (thanks to Emily from SubClubbooks) and I wanted to share one of the songs along with a small teaser. This song portrays all the hope and sorrow that Maddie feels as she waits for Ryder to return home to her.

I closed my eyes, listening to the fire crackle and pop. In my mind I saw Ryder watching me. I felt his hands running over my hips, drawing me closer.
A single tear tracked down my cheek, followed by another.
I wanted him home. I needed him next to me.
I couldn't go on without him.



  1. Good Lord woman!! I cannot wait for this book to finally be released!!

  2. *sigh* I am impatiently waiting ♡♡