Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Deletes mean a sneak peak

I'm constantly deleting paragraphs or even scenes from books I'm working on. Sometimes it adds up to a lot. I can't help it. I get delete happy. The bad thing about it is sometimes the stuff is good. Darn good. (At least I think so!) So I thought, why not share it. Post it. Just throw it out there and see if anyone reads it.

So here goes.

This is a little tidbit that I deleted from an early scene of the upcoming book, Promise Me Forever. Let your imaginations run wild... ;)

Things were different now. I had found Cash. I had found love. I wanted to live and experience this thing between us. I wanted to wake up every morning next to him and go to sleep every night in his arms. The problem was, every time I loved someone they were taking from me. Luke. Jenna. My older brother, Nathan. Their deaths were on me. It was like I was cursed or something, forever bound to lose those I loved.
So I made a decision. If I didn't love, I didn't lose. I didn't feel pain or sorrow. I didn't hurt. I didn't have to end my suffering with whiskey and bad decisions. I could walk away unscathed. Cold and heartless just like my grandmother said I was. But I broke my own rule. I fell in love. Now I was afraid he would die. The darkness that hung over my head would strike him down. Take him from me as punishment for the hell I always caused. But I was wrong. He wasn’t going to die.
I was.

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  1. Love it!! If this is a deleted scene, sheesh I can't imagine what it turned into!! I need it now...that is all :-)